My name is Mistress Chloe Mercury.

I am an intelligent, adventurous, and passionate Professional Domina based in San Francisco, California. I strongly believe that the best connections are based on a potent mix of raw chemistry and mental attraction, along with a good dose of trust.

I am fascinated and inspired by all levels of power play, and hold the utmost respect and care for those who choose Me to Dominate them. I have a deep understanding of the trust involved in bottoming and submission, particularly for men in our highly patriarchal society. I see my work as a sacred, healing practice and hope that you agree.

I started exploring BDSM in My late teens with people of all genders, and have been playing professionally since early 2008. I am constantly learning and growing as a Dominant, and have many wonderful subs and colleagues to thank for all they have taught Me over the years. I am also a graduate of the incredible Domination Intensive Course for Professionals offered by the Cleo DuBois Academy of SM Arts; I would highly recommend these courses to anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding and practice of BDSM.

Physically, I am a lean 5'8" in bare feet; in heels, I tower well over 6' tall. I have a slender, toned waistline that tapers out to a gorgeous, curvy derriérre. My skin is soft and smooth and always well cared for, as are my feet and nails. My eyes are a vivid blue, which I've been told is quite striking in contrast to my dark brunette hair. I love dressing up in everything from simple lingerie to full latex to "under-the-radar" elegant evening wear. Above all, I have a warm, affectionate and easygoing personality that will let you know that you are in very good hands.

I am a true Scorpio through and through. I am intense, loyal, and fiercely protective of my pets, playthings, friends, and lovers. All of this, plus the proclivities of a true sadist, combine to ensure that Dominance comes very naturally to Me. While I can have a lot of fun in one-off adventures, I am most interested in cultivating long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with My submissives, that allow U/us both to stretch and grow in new and exciting ways. Masochists are a particularly fun (and surprisingly rare) gift in My world, and are strongly encouraged to apply.

Considering how deviant I am sexually, you may be surprised to learn that in some ways, I'm actually quite wholesome. In My vanilla life, I love Pilates and yoga, bicycling, animals, vegan baking, art, music, literature, independent cinema, music and social justice advocacy work. I consider Myself a "Domme's Domme," and welcome warm connections with other sexual health providers of all stripes- many of the people I've met through sex worker communities are among the most intelligent, compassionate, fun and creative I know. I hold a Masters' Degree from a highly respected university and deeply value the power of education, both formal and informal.