Do not be fooled by My sweet smile and charming demeanor. I can pack as much power as you can take, and then some.

I love to indulge in a wide variety of play activities. I can tailor our session to be light and playful or quite severe. I find that power play is an excellent way to release Myself from the constraints I face as a woman who has to "be nice" in the outside world to get what I want. When you are with Me, understand that your servitude and devotion will be expected as a given. I have little patience for 'bratty bottoms:' it won't be long before I firmly put you in your rightful place- shrinking against the wall or at groveling My feet.

I have found that for our initial session, allowing a little extra time to get relaxed and comfortable can greatly enhance our session together. I have a session minimum of 90 minutes for good reason.  If there is one thing I've found, it is that rushing is never sexy!

Some of my favorite things to do include (but are not limited to):


Classic Domination

- Strap-on/ prostate play (playful/ sensual only or as part of a Domination scene)

- Foot, leg, calf and body worship (no genital contact)

- Sensory play-  fire & ice, deprivation, electro-stim, etc.

- Rope/ restraint bondage (including restraint suspension)

- Creative role play- interrogation, domestic discipline, mean girls… the weirder the better (no misogyny/ racism)

- Humiliation/ embarrassment/ 'blackmail' scenes

- Trampling

- Golden Showers (a particular favorite)

- Tease and Denial

- Cock and Ball Torture (of MANY varieties)

- Nipple play/ torture

- Face Slapping

- Spitting

- Punching/ sparring

- Chastity and orgasm denial

- Extended scenes

- Discreet public play

Impact Play

- Over-the-knee and other spanking

- Flogging

- Caning

- Singletail and other whips (I have a particularly nasty collection of rubber whips)

- Paddling

- Domestic items- rulers, utensils, hairbrushes, etc.

Gender play and exploration

- Forced/ coercive feminization

- Slut & sissy training

- Big sister/ babysitter/ forced lesbian role plays

- Cross dressing and full transformations (can include public outings)

- Forced Bi

- Faux "sex reassignment" surgeries



- Sounding/ Urethral Dilation

- Electro-play (ErosTek 5000, violet wand)/ E-stimulation

- Skin stapling

- Sham "surgeries"

- Piercing

- Shaving

- Mad doctor/ evil nurse

Kinky Coaching

- Personal training with a kinky twist

- Life coaching- goals, priorities, etc.

- Relationship and communication advice

- Embracing your inner Dom/me

- 'Drop-in' or ongoing monthly packages available


* If you don't see what you're looking for and it's not on My list of hard limits (below), you may ask in an email.

HARD LIMITS: Like many Dominant women, I am, very seriously, a stone top. My hard limits are that I do not bottom, engage in scat play, provide full service, or offer or receive oral worship (except for my silicone cock, naturally!). You will not be allowed to touch any part of My body that is typically covered by underwear.  I expect that My limits will be respected, just as I will always respect yours.