Giving a gift is an act of devotion, and I absolutely adore and appreciate being treated like the Queen that I am! Offering a gift is an excellent way to make a good impression with Me. Please bear in mind that I am vegan (so no leather)  and strive to use natural, organic products and services whenever I can- and I hope you will too! I enjoy receiving any of the following: 

- Tribute $$$ via both Venmo and BitCoin. Contact Me directly for account details.

- Gift Cards sent to for AmazonMr. S. LeatherSephoraJournelleAgent ProvocateurGood Vibrations, (I have a wishlist here), Rainbow Grocery and Whole Foods.

- Items from My Amazon Wish List

- Lingerie! I prefer styles that are sleek and sassy and not overly frilly.  Bra: 34B, panty: 8 US (M, or AP size 3). Favorite designers include Agent Provocateur, Hopeless, Bordelle, Honey Birdette, and Dita Von Teese.

- Spa servicesAura Skin Spa to help Me stay gorgeous; Kabuki Springs and Spa for relaxation, and Cocoon Urban Day Spa for mani/pedis, facials, and massages

- LATEX! My wishlist is constantly changing, but here are a few places to start:

- A new car (if you're really feeling generous). Ideally something that is compact enough to fit into small Mission District parking spaces but roomy enough to carry a weekend jaunt's worth of friends and luggage.



One of the most impressive things you can do for Me is to donate generously to one of My most beloved non-profit organizations. I firmly believe that those of Us who are blessed with abundance have a responsibility to share it with those who are not, and hope that you agree. I frequently donate to all of these organizations Myself and am deeply appreciative of the life-changing work that each of them does.

St. James Infirmary The nation's only clinic and community space that is operated for and by current and former sex workers. St. James does incredible direct service and advocacy work, and I love them a lot.

Transgender/ Gender-Variant/ Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP)  This incredible organization provides incredible support and material opportunities for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated transgender and gender non-conforming people across the country.

Lyon-Martin Health Services LMHS is the first medical clinic in the U.S. that opened to serve lesbian/ queer women and gender non-conforming people. They provide stellar care regardless of ability to pay, and have saved the lives of several people I know.

Other, broader-reaching organizations I encourage you to support include the ACLU, International Rescue Committee, Doctors without Borders, and Farm Sanctuary.



For those who wish to offer servitude in addition to O/our sessions together, I am always open to negotiating a D/s contract that works for both of U/us.

Services that are useful to Me include:

  • regular rent and/ or bill payment

  • shopping excursions (real-time and online)

  • grocery shopping (to My specifications)

  • errand running

  • asset management services

However, it should be noted that  the offer of services (e.g. cleaning My house) in lieu of payment for sessions is not something I currently have a need for or capacity to manage.