It saddens Me to say that some unsavory characters have recently stolen My image and name (in various permutations) to try to lure unsuspecting men into sending them money, usually for 'dungeon equipment.' DO NOT BE FOOLED! 

So far, I have located them in Australia and the United Kingdom, and have succeeded in having the fraudulent accounts shut down. If YOU notice My photos online anywhere that seems strange, PLEASE EMAIL ME immediately to let Me know.

The following are fraudulent email addresses and names used by the scammers:

-  (goes by Queen Anabel Chloe)

- (goes by Anabel Parker)

- thankyoumischloe@gmail.comMiss Chloe Parker (note the similarity to My actual name and email address)

- Mistress Chloe Isabella/ Mistress Isabella Chloe (they're so creative!)

Good luck, stay safe, and use your common sense!


xoxo, The Real Ms. Chloe (there can be no imitations!)