I always check references! This is for the safety and security of both Myself and the provider community at large. I accept three kinds of references:

Provider References (no additional fee): This is absolutely My preferred method. Please send Me the name, email address, and website or ad of at least two reviewed providers you have seen who will vouch for you as safe, respectful, and responsible. Include some brief information regarding when and where you last saw each provider, as well as any other details that will allow her to identify you easily when I write. Better yet, contact her ahead of time to let her know you’d like to use her as a reference. This gives her the heads’ up so she can easily verify that she has seen you when I call.

Work Reference ($50 fee applies): If you are employed by a major company and cannot give Me a provider reference, you may use a work reference. Please send Me your real full name, your job title, and a main line that I can use to reach you at work via either a live secretary or an automated voice system. Include any extensions I may need to know when calling. When I call, I will be incredibly discreet; if there is a specific group or company you would like Me to say I am calling from, please let me know and I will gladly do so. Ideally you will also include your company's website which lists your name, contact info , photo and position.

Personal Reference ($50 fee applies): If, for some reason, you cannot provide Me with either of the two above reference types, you may send me the following: a scanned copy of your driver’s license or passport; a scan of 2 pieces of mail registered to your name and address; and a clear snapshot of your face. In some cases, I may require a public meet-up or phone conversation beforehand, which carries a fee of $150.  As I'm sure you can understand, I do not take chances with My health or safety; once we have met and I am assured of your identity, I will delete all information sent to Me.

* FOR PROVIDERS: I am very reference- friendly! If you have a prospective client who has given you My name as a reference, please email Me at ThankYouMsChloe(at)gmail(dot)com with their name and email address, and I will endeavor to get back to you as quickly as possible. As with any interaction, a little courtesy and friendliness go a long way with Me.

* FOR CLIENTS: If you wish to use Me as a reference to play with another provider, be sure to exercise common courtesy. DO let Me know that you are giving Her My name. Do NOT expect Me to give you a glowing reference if you have not booked with Me in the past 12 months, have flaked or cancelled, or have tried to push My boundaries in any way. Enough said.

requesting a session

To request a session, please fill out this form as completely as you can. I will respond at My earliest opportunity. Alternatively, you may also send a thoughtful email that answers the same main questions.

PLEASE, for the love of all that is kinky, write in full, grammatically correct sentences when you correspond with Me! Writing in text-language (replacing entire words with letters) or otherwise incomprehensibly garbled sentences indicates to Me that you are not serious about wanting a session, or are not articulate enough to enjoy playing with.

Please note that same-day sessions are NEVER an option, so do not waste either of O/our times requesting them. I often book out at least a week in advance, so the more notice and flexibility you can give Me, the higher the chance that W/we'll be playing soon.

My Rates

Please note that these rates are for My time ONLY and are not negotiable. If you wish to play in a beautifully appointed dungeon space, I ask that you cover the rental fee (see below). When playing at home in the Bay Area, My rates are as follows:

Initial phone consultation (30-45 minutes): $150 (add $50 for an in-person, 1 hour cafe meetup)

90 minutes (minimum session)  $500

Each additional hour $300 incall (plus rental fees), $350 outcall

Extended Sessions: Hourly rates may be reduced for sessions of 5 hours or longer. Overnights and multi-day sessions are available for select clients with whom I am already very familiar.

Dungeon/ Play Space Rental  $70- 80/ hour depending on which space W/we are using (see below).

Doubles: Rates to add one of My sexy friends start at an additional $300/hr for males to $350- $600/ hr for women, depending on the Provider in question and the activities s/he may offer.

Travel rate: Inquire directly.


Sessions: I only accept payment for sessions in cash or cryptocurrency (via Coinbase), at My discretion.

Deposits and distance training: I accept payment via the following platforms; further instruction will be provided at the relevant time:

Where I play

you host: I am available for travel to your upscale hotel or home within San Francisco or central Oakland and Berkeley. I can also travel to SFO and Oakland airport hotels for an additional $100 fee. Other Bay Area locations determined on a case-by-case basis.

I host: If you prefer to play in a more traditional dungeon setting, there are several play spaces that I regularly frequent.

  • Maison de la Maitresse ($80/ hour) is a beautifully- appointed Edwardian flat in the heart of San Francisco, boasting four full rooms of kinky possibility, meticulously stocked and stewarded by Mistress Morgana Maye.

  • V Studios ($80/ hour) is a spacious, modern, deluxe Oakland play space that includes some very fun and unique bondage furniture, as well as all the amenities needed for a comfortable and luxurious session.

  • I also enjoy playing at Sacred Muse and The State, both in Oakland.

All dungeons I play in are equipped with full bathroom w/ shower, fresh towels and linens, bondage tables, spanking horses, slings and suspension points or hoists/ winches.

How To Prepare

It is of the utmost importance that you arrive prepared to be pushed both physically and emotionally. I expect you to do the following to be mentally, spiritually, and physically ready to serve Me:

  • Please arrive freshly showered and free of any heavy fragrances. If you will need to shower upon arrival, please let Me know so I can plan O/our time accordingly.

  • Abstain from masturbation (unless otherwise instructed) between now and O/our session.

  • Limit your intake of drugs, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, animal products, and other adulterants to the bare practical minimum. Drink plenty of fresh water and eat vegetables and whole grains. Do not arrive dehydrated and hungry.

  • If you would like to leave the 'door open' (so to speak) for anal exploration, please conduct a thorough warm-water enema several hours prior to our session. There is a fun resource for how to do this HERE (note: most only need to do the 'fast' option).

  • Please bring payment in two separate envelopes or stacks- one for My tribute, and the other for the play space rental fee.

Who I play with

I enjoy playing with open-minded, respectful and fun people of all genders, ages, ethnicities, physical abilities and sexual orientations. I also love helping to coach couples find new and deeper ways to connect through BDSM.

DOUBLES: I love doing Doubles and multiple-player sessions with My many kinky friends! Please check My Friends page for more info on who is currently available.  Forced bi,  Domme/ sub duos, gang bangs and double Domme sessions are just a few of the many ways I like to spice things up! My friends are sexy people of many genders, including cis men,  cis women, transgender men and transgender women. Please write me regarding your specific fantasy and I will provide more information..

My limits and boundaries

Like many Dominant women, I am, very seriously, a stone top. My hard limits are that I do not bottom, engage in scat play, provide full service, or offer or receive oral worship (except for my silicone cock, naturally). You will not be allowed to touch any part of My body that is typically covered by underwear.  I do not enjoy adult baby dynamics, although there are several wonderful Mommies in the Bay who do. I do not engage in play that involves Me playing out racist dynamics, homo- or transphobia; that being said, there are healing and productive ways in which I do enjoy playing with race, gender and sexual orientation in a scene. I expect that My limits will be respected, just as I will always respect yours.

Distance Training

For those of you who are far from the Bay, or simply prefer to keep O/our contact out of the physical realm at the moment, I offer several options for playing from afar. Email Me directly to negotiate what you're looking for. Video sessions are the same rate as in-person sessions (see above) and fully paid in advance; phone-only sessions are $200/hour.

Phone chat via NiteFlirt  

Call Button

Cancellation/ rescheduling

I understand that things happen, and sometimes circumstances conspire to mean that you will have to cancel or reschedule. At the same time, My time is extremely valuable, and must be treated accordingly. I have tried to strike a reasonable balance with My cancellation policy:

Cancellation with less than 12 hours notice: full session fee expected

Cancellation with 12- 48 hours notice: half of session fee expected

Cancellation with more than 48 hours notice: deposit forfeited but no further fee is expected

Rescheduling with less than 12 hours notice: half session fee expected

Rescheduling with 12 or more hours notice: deposit forfeited but no other fees are expected if rescheduled session takes place within the following 2 weeks.

No call, no show: assuming nothing dire has happened to you en route to O/our session, you will be expected to pay the full fee of our otherwise planned session. Should you fail to do this, you will be permanently banned from seeing Me, and placed on local and national multi-disciplinary sex worker blacklists for wankers and time wasters. I do not recommend you try this.