A few notes of appreciation...

I really cannot put into words what O/our relationship has meant to me. Only that I can honestly say you’ve allowed me to get to know and love a side of myself I didn’t dare to dream about before I met You. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being exactly who You are.
— K., Midwest
Dear Mistress Mercury,

Thank you for an incredible afternoon of fun and surprises. Beyond intuition, you must be magical. My mind is still completely bent with the afternoon, and new activities. Cannot seem to wrap my head around it. You could have taken me anywhere.
— - J.B., Bay Area
In a way, our sessions do help me feel validated because I feel witnessed — and it’s hard to even feel like you even exist unless you are witnessed. I also feel more and more self-validated every day… more accepting of myself and more accepting of others.

On a another note... When I remember you with
your big black ribbed strapon, my heart flutters, I look up into space, bat my eyelids, and half-seriously think to myself in my damsel voice “oh...Ms. Chloe...my HERO!”
— A., San Francisco
Thank you for an AWESOME time yesterday! :-)

And thank you for humoring me so much … i know i probably bored you with all my personal life details and my silly poem!

You were were both superbly kind and cruel.

i can say You successfully broke me down to my primordial being as i so much desired.

While the whole session was spectacular, i particularly remember the scene right before lunch where you were paddling me over the bench. That was FUCKING insane and delightful.

And then the mummification. I didn’t look at the pics you took until this morning. Wow. i agree … my cock did look so HOT. I really couldn’t tell if I had an erection or not, so I’m glad to see I was so hard. And thank You, thank You, thank You for letting me / making me cum. After 46 days of pent up frustration it was a stupendously wonderful experience.

Ah yes, then the cross-dressing in public. The memories bring a broad smile to my face. And even though i looked a bit like a tarty granny, i think i still looked pretty cute considering my age. Honestly i think i enjoyed being out in public more than i would have enjoyed the Gulch. It was so liberating to explore my feminine side and expose it for everyone to see. So thank You again, my sweet dear.

— James, Bay Area
to be at Your feet again Mistress Chloe

i know You get to do this all of the time,
but for me to be before a dominant woman,
one such as You, that knows and understands my kink,
well, it is very meaningful. i am grateful to know You,
i am grateful to have met You and served.

more grateful than You’ll ever know, because:
not every Mistress knows how to face spit the way You do
the way You spit in my face, direct and with such intent,
it is just killer. killer i tell You. what i feel when your spit hits
my face. the way You look at me. it’s incredible.
how You feed me Your piss, and make me drink it all,
how it feels to do that. the submission i feel as You put
the first full glass to my lips and make me drink it slow, the
way You drool big gobs of spit into the piss and smile,
the way You spit in my face as You make me suck Your cock.
the way you fuck my face!

and Your feet. the way i must clean and worship Your
delicious smelly feet, Your amazing sweaty stinky feet, the
way You make me clean and worship and sniff every inch.
and, the way You force them deep into my mouth. how You
spit in my face over and over and over again as You push them
deep into my mouth, forcing them so deep, that is just
fucking insanity Mistress Chloe, the way You step on my
face so firm, i love Your feet firm onto my face, deep into
my throat...

just thinking of You drives me insane Mistress Chloe!

my gorgeous sexy beautiful FemDom, i just love to look at You!


i cannot wait to finally see You again... two years i have waited! but it will be worth it. it always is.
— - A.J., Canada
Dear Mistress,

Thank you again for a wonderful, hedonistic experience. It was exhilarating, and I left feeling rejuvenated - like a trip to the spa but MUCH more interesting.

I had the time down on my calendar as a doctor’s appointment, which, in retrospective, is completely plausible - preventative prostate health.

Looking forward to the next adventure.
— D., San Francisco
Wow!!!!! Thank you for a fabulous afternoon. I must say that was one of the best first time sessions I have ever had. I cannot wait until our paths cross again.

Put some thought into coming to Dallas sometime.
— J., Texas